Since 1888 Oskar Davidsen & Co. has served the Danish market with an impressive assortment of exclusive spirits.
The assortment includes series of Oskar Davidsen own premium spirits made on equal parts of dedication, passion and expertise.
Presenting our exquisite series Davidsen’s Rum & blends, our eye catching ·O·D·D· Gins and our mellow Ækvator Akvavit…

Premium distilledDAVIDSEN'S RUM & BLENDS

Built on the same proud traditions and focus on quality as when founded in 1888, our blends are made from exclusive rums that have been carefully chosen by our master blender and imported from selected distillers throughout the Caribbean with focus on Jamaica and Guyana.

To purchase the blends – please email or call us.

Splendid craftmanshipTHE ·O·D·D· GIN

The ·O·D·D· Gin – The Oskar Davidsen Danish Gin is made equally on splendid craftmanship and innovation. The delicious gin qualities are made in Denmark and filled on outstanding bottles.
The ·O·D·D· Gin Original Dry is the perfect choice for a classic GT, and The ·O·D·D· GIN Genuine Pink will break the classic gin-traditions and show new ways for the gin-lover.

To purchase the gins – please email or call us.


“The influence of Madeira does not deny either, and if you are looking for a soft, sweet and mildew aquavit, then Ækvator Akvavit is a good offer.”

Jens Tholstrup

Spicy aquavitÆkvator Akvavit

Ækvator Akvavit is a nice spicy aquavit with a long aromatic taste.

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★★★★★★  Barego’mad
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★★★★★  VinAvisen

Fine danish rum liquourOSKAR DAVIDSEN SOLBÆRROM

This rum liquour is made according to an old recipe from sun-ripened blackcurrants, authentic Jamaican rum and the extracts of eleven special herbs. Oskar Davidsen Blackcurrant Rum Liquour is the only authentic Danish blackcurrant rum liquour on the market.

Fine nuances and rounded soft fullnessORIGINAL JENSEN BITTER

Original Jensen Bitter is made on the basis of an old recipe from 1938, which originates from Duus Vinhandel in Aalborg. According to Recipe 38, only the best herbs, herbs and plants from nature are used as ingredients…